Monday, October 17, 2011

How Future Steel's Steel is produced - a Look at Dofasco

All of our steel comes directly from Dofasco in Hamilton Ontario. We're glad to be able to purchase locally, supporting North American industry. As the largest purchaser of their Galvalume PlusTM Steel, we're able to save on the cost of our materials and pass along those savings to you.

The video below gives a great insight into how our steel is produced, prior to being formed into steel arches in our factory.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Steel Buildings for All of Canada including Quebec!

We're glad our worldwide networks allow for us to provide steel buildings throughout the world. One thing that we'll always stay true to however is the fact that we're a Canadian company and we're thankful to have been able to work with thousands of Canadians in providing them with their ideal future steel buildings.

It's unfortunate, but many Canadian companies end up focusing exclusively on English Canada. Since we're a family owned an operated business with strong ties to both english and french Canada, we're happy to announce that our presence in Quebec and other francophone regions is stronger than ever and growing.

We have a team of bi-lingual steel building representatives who's job is to provide high quality steel buildings to french speaking Canadians. If you would prefer to deal with a representative in French you can always contact them on our dedicated french line at 1-888-534-2121 or visit


for all of your Bâtiments d'acier needs!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Customize your Future Steel Building!

An amazing feature of arch-style steel buildings is that the side walls completely support the load of the roof. While this might not seem too exciting, what it means is that you can customize the front and rear walls of your building to suit your requirements and style.

If you're looking for a building that doesn't require any customization and is ready to be installed right out of the "box" then we're happy to supply you with steel panels for the front and rear walls of your building. If however you're the type who's looking to customize your building to match the look of a  house, cottage, or business, then check out a couple of my favorite customizations below.

By adding a couple half panels to the front as well as brick and vinyl siding, this building has truly become a dream garage. It even has an awning in front if you feel the need to sit out in the rain or need a little shade.

This building was customized by Dakota Creek winery and is truly a magnificent looking building. By using a tumbled stone front and some beautiful wood doors they were able to perfectly match a Future Steel Building to the high end look of their winery.

 To get some more ideas on how you can customize your steel building visit Future Steel Buildings